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Power CG Live

How it works

Power CG Live Main Layer

Power CG Live Main Layer Controls

Preview Window

Preview Window Image

Preview Window

The program previews the graphics before they are displayed to ensure that the wrong one won't be shown. The Preview Window previews the next Image to be shown. Use "drag and drop" to drag the page to be previewed from either the Display List or the Media Catalog. Clicking on an image in the Display List can also be used to select an image to be previewed.

Display List Editor

Display List Editor Image

Display List Editor

The Display List Editor is used to create and edit Display Lists. You can Add, Delete, and Duplicate images here. An image can be added here by double clicking it in the Media Catalog or dragging it from the Media Catalog and dropping it into the Display List. You can also change the order of the images in this window using "drag and drop". This will change the order that the pages will be displayed. You can also randomly select the next page to display for those "last minute" changes.

ON AIR Controls

ON AIR Controls

ON AIR Controls

The ON AIR Control are used to control the Previewed Image.

It has the following buttons:

  • Start Auto Sequence:
    This button starts Automatically Sequencing the Images in the Display List.
  • Page Off:
    This button removes the Image from the Video Output.
  • Display Previewed Page:
    This button displays the previewed page on the Video Output.
  • Display Image and Preview Next:
    This button displays the previewed page (just like "Display Previewed Page").
    It also previews the next page in the Display List.

Media Catalogs

Media Catalog Image

Media Catalog

The Media Catalog is divided into three groups based upon the type of images that the software can display. These are Titles, Animations, and Graphic Images. These images can be quickly added to the Display List Editor to create a Display List.

We even have a free Fully Functional Evaluation Copy of the software for you to download.