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Banner Crawl

An option available for Power CG Live

Banner Crawl User Interface

Banner Crawl Layer User Interface

Sure, Power CG Live will display a Banner Crawl without the Banner Crawl Option. But what if you want use its other Graphics capabilities at the same time? You could buy another copy of Power CG Live and another Computer and Display Card to run it. Or you could just order the Banner Crawl Option.

The Banner Crawl option gives Power CG Live the ability to crawl text anywhere on the screen, completely independant of any other function that the system may be performing. The Banner Crawl can be used to display Stock Tickers, News Tickers, Emergency Alert Messages, or just about anything else you can think of.

The Banner Crawl can be controlled from either the Graphic User Interface, other third party programs, or even your own custom program via a simple text file. Crawl pages can be created with the Graphic Composer, or the crawl text can be saved in a standard Text File. If you edit this text file in your word processor, it will automatically update the Banner Crawl the next time that it is run.