Specialist in Television Graphics

Graphic Composer

The Graphic Composer is used to create Title/Graphic pages
and is included with Power CG Live, Power CG Express, and the Emergency Alert CG

Graphic Composer User Interface

Graphic Composer is used to create Title/Graphic pages for
Power CG Live, Emergency Alert CG and Power CG Express

  • Page Templates
    Many users like to have a common look to their titles. Whether it is for their entire facility, or a unique "look" for each client, with the Title Composer you can create a Page Template of the desired page style with "Template Fields" at different positions on the page. When a Page Template is opened, a window appears that prompts the user to enter the text for each field. Once the text is entered, the page is automatically created using the style of the Template and the text that was entered in the Template Fields.
Freeform Sample Page
  • Broadcast Quality Text
    256 Levels of AntiAliasing. Better than 1 ns effective resolution.

  • Instant Response
    As soon as you make a change (Typeface, Height, etc.) the text is instantly redrawn on your screen.

  • Spell Checker
    Finds your spelling errors before the Viewer does.

  • Truetype Typefaces
    Load Truetype typefaces directly. No conversion is neccessary. They don't even need to be installed on your system. They can be loaded directly from a CD-Rom. You can even preview them before they are loaded.
  • Full Color Logos
    Import standard format graphic images as full color logos. Size them right on the page.

  • Textures
    Use standard format graphic images as Textures.

  • Graphic Backgrounds
    Import GIF, TIFF, TGA, BMP, JPG, and PCX images as backgrounds.
Shagala Sample Page
styles Sample Page
  • Unlimited Text Styles
    Every character, of every page can have a different style.

  • Geometric Shapes
    Rectangles, Circles, and Elipses can be placed on the page. The shapes can be edged, colored, sized, italicized, and rotated just like a character.

  • Long Rolls and Crawls
    Rolls and crawls are composed as single pages of text. Rolls can be up to 1000 rows. Crawls can be up to 8000 characters.
  • 1000 Independent Layers
    Text, Logos, and Shapes can be placed on multiple layers. Each layer is independent of the other layers. Layers can be named, swapped, and even hidden.