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Last Modified: January 16, 2018

Power CG Live - Version 6.2f Released

Power CG Live - Version 7
Released for General Beta Testing

All HD Power CG Live Users are invited to participate

Prior Modification:
Power CG Version 6.2E released
August 4, 2017

Version 6.2 adds the following features:

Power CG Live

Dual Channel Option

With the Dual Channel Option, Power CG can now output 2 independent channels simultaneously. Each channel is independent from the other and can even be configured for different video formats.

Video Clip Playback

If you have the Snyper option, the software can now play video clips directly. It can handle MP4, WMV, AVI, and most MOV files. The clips are played in the Background Animation Layer. It also plays the associated audio. (please note: the Decklink 4K cards will not mix the clip with the input audio in internal keying mode. They assure me they are working on this.)


This program works with the Sportzcast LiveXML program to automatically update scoreboard information on the screen. This can also be used with other XML file formats.

Faster Layering Picon Update

The Layering Picons are now updated much quicker to reflect changes to the graphic while composing.

Exporting of project via the network

We have revamped the Exporting of Projects via the network to make it much more robust.

Banner Crawl and EAS Messages can be read outloud

The program can use the speech synthesizer to read the crawl message and EAS Messages out to your viewers.

Power CG Express

Learn More About it...

VPro - Virtual A/V Switcher

Works with nearly any combination of Black Magic I/O cards to suit your Input/Output requirements.

Learn More About it...

This software is free to all current Cayman Graphics Users

The latest version of each program is as follows...

Power CG Live Version 6.2E August 4, 2017
EAS CG Version 6.2E August 4, 2017
Power CG Express Version 6.2E August 4, 2017
Slate Generator Free Upgrade to Power CG Express
McCG Version 6.1 October 27, 2014
Version 5.7G May 13, 2012
McCG Plus Version 5.7G May 13, 2012

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